Kamala's word salads
Kamala's word salads

Joe Biden has endorsed Kamala Harris to replace him as president.


America can’t risk Kamala Harris becoming president.

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Tragically for the nation,


·      The failing Joe Biden has been forced to leave the presidential race because of his mental and physical decline. He’s endorsed his Vice President, Kamala Harris, to replace him. It’s critical that Americans come to understand the threat that she poses to our nation. America can’t risk Kamala Harris becoming president.

Product of Patronage

Kamala Harris got her start in political life by being the girlfriend of former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. She was 29; he was 60.


Brown appointed her to high-paying offices, including the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and later the California Medical Assistance Commission. She was paid over $400,000 for serving in those offices. Brown also gave her an expensive BMW automobile.

“She had benefitted from his political patronage.”
  • 🎩 Harris was on Brown’s arm as he campaigned for, and was elected, San Francisco’s Mayor. Media columnists described her as Brown’s “new steady.”
  • 🎩 Mayor Brown’s political machine helped elect Harris District Attorney of San Francisco.
  • 🎩 “Is there a machine? Yep. Was that machine in control of San Francisco politics for many years? Yeah, it was.” Jeff Adachi, Former SF Public Defender
  • 🎩 From there, she climbed the political ladder in California’s one-party Democrat state.
Kamala as DA
Kamala AG
Kamala as senator
Kamala DA

Kamala failed as a DA

Kamala AG

Kamala failed as an AG

Kamala Senator

Kamala failed as a Senator

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Checking Identity Boxes

  • ☑️ Kamala Harris’ national rise was fueled by identity politics, not merit. In fact, when she ran for president to great fanfare, her campaign failed badly. She didn’t even make it to the first state contest, forced to drop out before a single vote was cast.
  • ☑️ Joe Biden captured the 2020 Democrat nomination for president largely because of his strength in South Carolina’s black community. Rather than promise to pick a Vice President nominee strictly based on merit, Biden said he would base his pick in large part on gender, pledging to select a woman to join his ticket.
  • ☑️ Later, Biden said he was considering several black women, further clarifying that a candidate’s identity characteristics were of paramount importance.
  • ☑️ As a black female (though not African American), Kamala Harris checked the desired boxes. She also reportedly enjoyed the strong private backing of former president Barack Obama who once said of her, “She happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country…It’s true. Come on.”
  • ☑️ According to recent news reports, when Jill Biden learned of her husband’s decision to pick Kamala Harris, she burst out angrily, “No f$%king way.”
  • ☑️ It’s a reaction many Americans have had since she took the job.
“She was picked because she was Black and female, a combo tantamount to job security. Now that she has become a burden to the Democratic ticket, Biden can’t fire her.”
Washington Post
Opinion Column, 3-15-24

Word Salads 🥗

Kamala's word salads

Since becoming Vice President, Harris has arguably become best known for her legendary word salads where she attempts to speak authoritatively but says nothing.

🥗 "Culture is — it is a reflection of our moment and our time. Right? And present culture is the way we express how we're feeling about the moment” … 🥬
🍅 “That is a reflection of joy. Because, you know, it comes in the morning," … 🥑
🥔 "We have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of just having language and a connection to how people are experiencing life. And I think about it in that way, too" … 🥕
🥒 "The governor and I, we were all doing a tour of the library here and talking about the significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. So, when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time…” 🍆

Watch More: 🥙


Kamala Harris has been given three main assignments as Vice President. She has failed at all of them.


Harris was charged with deterring illegal migration at our southern border by addressing its roots causes. Since she took office as Vice President, over 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered America from our southern border. Many of these are criminals from other countries, and many – such as the murderer of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley – have committed horrendous crimes in our nation.


The Biden/Harris failure to secure our southern border is also responsible for the skyrocketing number deaths of from fentanyl which is smuggled across the southern border.

Harris was named to lead the newly-created Office of Gun Violence Prevention. So far in 2024, ABC News reports that have been nearly 5,000 in America to die from gun violence.

Harris was also tasked with leading the administration’s efforts to enact voting rights legislation. Once again, she failed to deliver.

Kamala Harris is utterly unqualified and unaccomplished to become America’s President. We risk much more than inappropriate cackling and incomprehensible word salads. Our nation, and our families, risks catastrophic and potentially irreversible harm should she ascend to the presidency by replacing Joe Biden.

Kamala's word salads
Biden and Eastern bunny
Biden and notes
Border issues

Since being named Biden’s Border Czar, over 7.2 million migrants have illegally entered America from the southern border. Tons of deadly fentanyl have also been smuggled into the country.

Super Bowl parade shooting

Since being named as head of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, nearly 5,000 people have died in America in 2024 alone from gun violence according to ABC News.

Voting Rights

Harris was also tasked with leading the administration’s efforts to enact voting rights legislation. Once again, she failed to deliver.

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